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I was at the LA show, the only aggressive person there was The Knife. Portland or Seattle is the only show where mitch was concerned about his safety. Portland and Seattle has the most drunken piece of shit garbage people ever. Collatz Conjecture Create a sequence by starting with any positive integer. If it is […]

After years of investment in a border wall system

It was cheap Canada Goose finally over. I was free!The idea came from frustration. I kept seeing the same joke Canada Goose sale getting upvoted to high heaven on Reddit and I wanted to show everyone how overused that joke was. BTW, it sounds like you’ve gone beyond laziness and are now solidly in depression. […]

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Do not directly link to threads or comments (Braincels, MaleForeverAlone, MGTOW, etc) or sites off Reddit. Use screenshots instead. Yes, there are edgelords posting awful things, we get Canada Goose sale it. My mom went through my IMs one time when I was 13, and I’m still salty about it, and phones are orders of […]

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replica bags chicago Raj Rajaratnam, Madoff, Anil Kumar (Goldman boardmember and McKinsey exec), Bernie Ebbers, and replica handbags online Jeff Skilling would disagree.The thing is that white collar crimes, by definition, don involve violence. Carjacking a 15 year old civic or a new Rolls Royce is just as likely to end up with the death […]

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“What I think we were decent at with Kyler and Baker is you have to marry your schemes to them and find some common ground to where you’re still running your system, but you’re also tailoring it to what they do well,” Riley said. “We’ll certainly do that for Jalen and our other quarterbacks that […]