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Liquid Paper Correction FluidBette Nesmith Graham turned her mistakes into her invention. This is how liquid paper was invented. Employed as a secretary at a bank in Texas, one of her tasks required typing. Just doing the fucking dishes is such an underrated one. For years I’d just let my dishes sit in the sink […]

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I know “refurbished canada goose uk shop electronics” sound about as sexy as hand me down Crocs. But smart fashion hounds seek out good deals at consignment stores. And in the era of $1,000 or, even, $2,000 smartphones, used gadgets are having a renaissance, too. If you wanna preorder then do you but recognize that […]

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Hot and Cheesy Baked Shrimp Scampi Dip is everything the Canada Goose online name implies! Fresh briny, juicy, gulf shrimp are sauted in butter, garlic, and white canada goose outlet in usa wine canada goose coats on sale and then mixed with cream cheese, sour cream, mozzarella,and parmesan cheeses and baked until the lemony breadcrumb […]

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What is your income?My SO has a legitimate business, so had him call in. I manage all the finances, so when they started asking questions like, what is your credit limit on another card. What are last transaction amounts he responded “My SO manages all that, i don know” Agent was rude and said […]

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canada goose black friday sale Question for you to both. Fifty years ago, Edward Heath told us: “Take a country, place it into the EU and it is able to trade with other counties.” Fifty years later Nigel told us: “The EU is an undemocratic hellhole. We need to get restore power to our people […]

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replica kipling bags Woman Stabbed to Death by Migrant Who. Walter Sieruk on Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims kill Christian priest. Walter Sieruk on Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims kill Christian priest. Let’s also have Defense Secretary Jim Mattis say publicly that we shouldn’t do anything to push back on the unprecedented expansion of Iranian military force […]

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Games like CoD is that a flash should be used tactically and provide the chance for skilled counterplay, rather than an being an easy CC button. Limiting the player to 2 charges (similar to the max flash count in a round of CSGO) means they can choose to double flash or cover two angles, but […]