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3 million in 2016 isn even close to what a front loaded Ayers

He just completed a season as a solid starter after a season as a solid rotational piece. 3 million in 2016 isn even close to what a front loaded Ayers contract would look like. Not saying his contract should or is likely to be some huge albatross but it absolutely ridiculous to think that number […]

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Then I build another dock north south or further west

Edit the article was edited and now it includes the fact that Central District Court denied their request (two times lol) because they were deemed to have jurisdiction! Huzzah! Now it makes sense why this KMU article was released right before. They tried to hide this news. Already they covered it up with about 15 […]

So one day I get the bright idea for a magic trick

The first, remote notifications, is the most efficient (and probably what you used to seeing with Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) as it relies on an external server. This means all the heavy lifting is done off the device, and the server can notify you as soon as the notification comes in, providing faster, more battery […]